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We are a U.S based business driven by helping with Business and Personal Solutions.

We know life presents many challenges and managing the day-to-day stresses of the job, family and daily routine can become a handful.  With that being said, the need for a personal assistant to aid with business correspondence, data entry, networking, errands, appointments, and household management is greater now than ever before. You may ask yourself “Why spend on something you can manage yourself?” The answer simply is if task are taking you away from being productive and your earning potential it would be best to outsource, if your spending a significant part of your day doing task that are not integral to your life goals your setting yourself back.

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We offer an array of services that can be customized to fit your business or personal needs, we have competitive rates and plans to fit each budge. All of our Assistants are college educated and undergo a thorough screening process. Our main objective at Personal Assistant Plus LLC is to assure that we provide quality affordable solutions for your business and home.


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What is a Virtual Personal Assistant? AProfessional providing administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance while operating outside of a client’s office.(Click Below for a complete list of services.)

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What is a CSRA Personal aide Assistant? A Personal Assistant Local to Augusta Ga, serving the CSRA who assists in daily business and personal task. (Click Below for a complete list of services.)

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What type of plans are offered for Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services?(Click Below for a complete list of services.)

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