Personal Solutions

Why would I need a Assistant?

Have you ever considered hiring a personal assistant to help with some of the tasks that take up so much of your valuable time? It is not as complicated or expensive as you might think. And when you consider how much time you save, the cost is minimal. Why take time off work when you are expecting the cable company, repairmen, contractors or an important delivery at your home?  A personal assistant can wait at your residence to let them in and stay until they leave.

We offer:

  • Organization Services
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Event Planning and Hosting
  • Doctor Visits, and other Reservations
  • Escorting to Appointments and Events
  • Shopping, Mail Services and Custom Request
  • Bill Pay
  • Elderly Companion Care
  • Errand Assistance Services
  • Meal Preparation and Feeding
  • Dry cleaning Pick Up and Delivery
  • Delivery and Repair Waiting Services


Per month

  • 1 Hour of Support
  • A dedicated Assistant
  • Remote location only
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


Per month

  • 5 Hours of Support
  • A dedicated Assistant
  • Remote or On Site
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


Per month

  • 12 Hours of Support
  • Remote or On Site
  • No extra charge for urgent tasks
  • No extra charge to use company email

Home Care Solutions

After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is housework. Think how nice it would be to come home to an immaculately clean home. A personal assistant can arrange for a maid service to clean your home and take care of other domestic duties.