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Personal Assistant Plus is a collective of amazing people striving to provide extraordinary B2B services, exceedinclient’sients’ expectations, and delivering our promises in a timely fashion. Our core values of transparency, work ethic, and punctuality enable us to consistently establish long-standing relationships with our clients. We are sure this consistency makes us the best at what we do.

We care deeply about our client’s goal and are passionate about delivering thoughtful resolutions that resonate with the entire team. We have pushed ourselves beyond our comfort zones with new projects and challenges to refine our skills and acquire new ones. Every day, we have made it a goal to learn and implement what we’ve learned into our work product.

Our company continues to change its processes to maintain a standard of excellence in our field. We are continuously keeping the bar of excellence for all of our services. We have been successfully operating since 2012 with over two decades worth of experience between us – giving wisdom from every angle imaginable when it comes down to how best to serve your business needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our services suit any business aiming to build a website or manage its online presence. Our services can be used by SMEs, large companies, and nonprofit organizations to make your online presence easy and affordable.

Examples include Logo creation, Website Creation, Powerpoint Presentations, and More!

Our turn-around time depends on the complexity of your project. Our typical turn-around time is four weeks or less. However, we have proven to be flexible and willing to work with our clients regarding project timelines if necessary.

We believe in client flexibility and acknowledge that every project is unique and that every client has different priorities and deliverables. We are happy to discuss any project timeline concerns before starting work to ensure both parties are clear on expectations upfront.

Utterly dependent on the complexity and scale of your business needs. Our team will review your project goals and objectives and create the correct quote for you.


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Erika Regina

Personal Assistant Plus was great to work with. Very responsive and knowledgeable about all business needs! I will continue doing business with Personal Assistant Plus.

Erika Regina

Robert Smith

Marketing is used to create, keep and satisfy customers. With the customer as the focus of its activities, marketing is one of the premier components of modern business.

Robert Smith

Startup Owner

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